Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell joke about gunfire on ‘House of Lies’ set [photo]!/IamDonCheadle/status/401504735376588801

Reports of the death of actor Don Cheadle have been greatly exaggerated. Gang-related gunfire broke out yesterday around the South Central Los Angeles set of “House of Lies,” which Cheadle and actress Kristen Bell were working on together. Last night, the pair took to Twitter to joke about Cheadle’s premature obits.!/IMKristenBell/status/401505241473884160!/IamDonCheadle/status/401505134552694784!/sjmyles/status/401507282779111424!/peoplemag/status/401751483412393984

“House of Lies” actor Josh Lawson tweeted about the gunfight.!/joshlaw81/status/401503772209205248

And another actor from the TV show chimed in.!/rejectedjokes/status/401513213650419712

It’s “House of Lies” meets “The Walking Dead.”!/LouisLaw/status/401565215747485696!/theGirlthatTime/status/401507854433419265

All kidding aside, we’re glad the cast is safe.

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