Too big to fail? Drudge editor: How many Weiner jokes can fit in one tweet?!/josephcurl/status/361869702034751488

Bah dum dum! The New York Post might have mock-threatened to lay off the Weiner jokes, but the Drudge Report thankfully has no such plans and continue to be all in. Drudge editor Joseph Curl suggested Weiner headlines on Twitter. Now, he’s doubling down on the “that’s what she said” bait and is showing how the masters do it: How many can you fit in one tweet?

Sports Clubs chain may have won the day with its hilarious “Carlos Danger’ ad. But, no one can really top Drudge: The Weiner-related headlines on the Drudge Report have been causing giggles all along.!/RickTrowl/status/359851777140588544

Here are a few reminders:!/Doc_0/status/360030137913315329

Classic indeed.

Curl was editing the Drudge Report Monday morning.!/josephcurl/status/361765835599130625

And this Twitter user ventured a guess as to who wrote this hilarious headline:!/KineticXfer/status/361785091460055041


But wait, there’s more!


Never change, guys. We know you’ll never go soft on snark!


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